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TireCheck TPMS software precisely displays individual tire conditions direct from sensors fitted to the vehicle tires. Whether you require a pre-built comprehensive and easy-to-install TPMS software solution or a bespoke integration into existing architecture, our in-house team of engineers will support your project from beginning to end and beyond.


In-House Software Development

We make vehicle tire conditions transparent for the world’s biggest manufacturers. With an industry-leading team of experienced TPMS engineers, you can rest assured that however challenging or diverse your problem is, we’ll solve it together, quickly and effectively. Our ability to rapidly prototype and integrate TPMS hardware data into an existing or bespoke dashboard is what sets us apart.


As a service provider, you want to elevate your relationship beyond that of reacting to work requests. Fleet managers want a service provider that can adapt to their needs. INCENTER helps tire service providers to identify issues before they become problems. With TireCheck, you have full control of fleet maintenance. Identify and control how much you spend, and the products and services you invest in.

Historical fleet data helps you identify opportunities to make improvements. Fleet data becomes powerful knowledge enabling you to reduce costs, enhance vehicle and driver safety, and improve tire performance.

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A comprehensive and easy-to-use TPMS solution that tracks real-time tire pressure and temperature while your vehicles are in operation. Customisable vehicle rules and alerts, combined with historical reporting, enable fleet managers to determine the proper course of action for a troubled vehicle before it becomes a big problem.

  • Maximize tire life
  • Increase fuel efficiency
  • Decrease the risk of roadside breakdowns


Makes accurate, reliable, real-time data ready and available to you. A wide range of reports delivers everything you need to know, from an overall snapshot of your entire fleet to finer individual vehicle details.

  • Significantly reduce downtime
  • Increase vehicle safety
  • Ensure optimum tire management
  • Monitor and control fuel consumption & spending
  • Enable proper service planning

An effective tire policy saves fleets substantial amounts of time and money, contributes to a successful environmental policy and helps protect employees. Until now, cost has been a significant barrier to fleets in acquiring robust fleet management software.



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TireCheck INFLEET is a powerful and affordable solution, now available to fleets of all sizes. Fleets need to constantly test and evaluate tires to assess service needs, monitor fuel economy and determine overall performance. Knowing when and how to maintain tires can be crucial to your business.

Tires, like the vehicles they are mounted on, are financial assets requiring management from their original purchase through regrooving, retreading and repair, to ultimate disposal. INFLEET enables you to manage tires, predict replacements and track performance.

Designed to Fit User Needs

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Manage assets, tires, alerts and reports using the web interface

Complete visibility and control of tire and sensor assets to help improve operational efficiency, extend tire life and reduce downtime.


Instant tire pressure and temperature alerts

Know the problem before it becomes an issue with custom alerts before a breakdown, lowering and improving safety.


Adaptable solutions that fit operational needs

Lower cost to deploy and operate for quicker results and return on investment


Robust and reliable TPMS solution

Our sensors are designed and manufactured in Germany to withstand harsh environments.

Communication Devices

TireCheck communication devices are designed to offer seamless integration of a TPMS system and ensure reliable data collection and analysis. The interface between the sensor and the end user, TireCheck TPMS communication devices can be used in a variety of combinations to suit almost any vehicle or business requirement. From BluetoothⓇ or 4G devices to remote cloud-based fleet management we can offer a solution to suit your specific project requirements.

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TPMS Communication Device
TPMS sensors

TPMS Sensors

TireCheck TPMS sensors capture precise tire pressure and temperature data. Made in Germany and designed specifically for commercial vehicles and harsh environments, every sensor is manufactured to the highest Automotive standards. We offer a complete range of internal, external, BluetoothⓇ or radio frequency sensors designed to meet the most complex TPMS needs.

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