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For transport industry project managers, TireCheck is like acquiring a tire pressure monitoring department overnight. With an industry-leading team of experienced TPMS engineers, you can rest assured that however challenging or diverse your problem is, we’ll solve it together, fast and effectively.

Data inspires action

We believe in a greener, more sustainable future. We care about the state of the world and the impact we have. Our craving for deeper insights and data is driven by a core need to enhance businesses, enable better decisions and reduce waste. TPMS extends tire life, thereby reducing pollution and environmental impact. What is more, TPMS improves fuel efficiency thus reducing its consumption and related emissions.

Data can inspire action and measurable results. That’s why we bring together our brightest minds to empower you to be a part of our movement. Our vision is to give our customers access to real-time data, by digitising every tire on earth. TireCheck’s smart monitoring solutions enable our clients worldwide to drive growth and inspire change.

Our Team:
There for you

Curiosity, creativity and freedom to explore are a vital part of our TireCheck Team DNA. Our Teams are free to inquire, challenge the status quo and innovate. TireCheck cares about quality end results while ensuring an open, explorative process for the teams to get there. We believe this approach makes us an industry leader, trusted by the biggest automotive brands.

Our people, their ideas, know-how and commitment to our core values are what make us unique.

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Core Values


We are Curious

It’s our thinking and ability to deliver quickly that sets us apart. Encouraging our teams to be curious is why we’re at the forefront of our industry.


We love big ideas

The biggest problems need a solution to match. Our approach involves not just thinking, but working differently. Big ideas need room to breathe.


Support Mindset

Clarity comes from understanding. We celebrate our personal individual differences and support each other; a mindset we take with our clients too.


We simplify

We believe in the beauty of simplification. We encourage our team of more than 100 experts in 5 countries to collaborate on projects and help you achieve your goal.

Driving Change

TireCheck connects people to data so they can make powerful decisions, reduce waste and drive growth. We’re industry enablers and product innovators. That’s why we’re dedicated to creating smart monitoring solutions that embolden decision-makers with the facts. We want to help revolutionise the tire industry by connecting, digitising and monitoring every tire on earth.


TireCheck’s Engineering Team is ready to answer all your questions. Whether you have a general inquiry, are curious about our process or are an existing customer in need of help, the team is here for you.

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