What we do

TireCheck connects people to data so they can make powerful decisions, reduce waste and drive growth. We could talk about how we’re industry enablers and product innovators. But it’s not just what we do that’s important, it’s how we do it.

Agile diagnosis and development

You know the problem, the real challenge is solving it. No one wants a project bogged down in bureaucracy, that’s why a fast-paced, agile and collaborative approach to understanding and testing solutions is key. We’re built to operate in a way that keeps things simple and avoids unnecessary hurdles by making decisions with you fast. We get things done.

Diligent manufacture and delivery

When we’ve diagnosed and prescribed a solution, our approach changes. There’s no room for errors in manufacture and delivery. We have extensive experience meeting and exceeding internal manufacturer requirements and have certified processes and procedures to support. With a fully automated manufacturing process and supply chain based in the EU, we offer unrivalled production security and the opportunity to create and adapt solutions to suit your needs.

TireCheck TPMS sensors and software make your product and service offerings more attractive to customers. Intelligent products that offer additional features are a vital requirement as competition evolves. With TireCheck, product roll-out is fast and effective; from development and testing to installation and training, we’ve helped the biggest brands get to market first.

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Capture & prototype

Iterate & manufacture

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Deliver & measure

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Sustainability from the start

Experts in every area

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