Vehicle tires are the number two contributor to ocean microplastic pollution. A stealth polluter, the average commercial vehicle tire loses around 100kg of dust per year. Multiplying that by the 70 million commercial vehicles worldwide, it’s a big problem.

Working closely with our tire manufacturing partners for many years, TireCheck’s tire management system is optimising fuel consumption and extending tire life thereby assisting in reducing the impact of transport on the environment.

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Data to the rescue

Improperly inflated tires make this issue worse. A lack of real-time, actionable data on fleet tire pressures leads to loss. Under-inflated tires not only reduce tire life but also increase fuel consumption, reduce braking and traction efficiency and generate even more tire dust due to increased heat and friction.

Insight into wear

TPMS systems ensure that costs to operators and the environment are minimised, extending tire life by 10% to 15%. TireCheck TPMS systems and software don’t just ensure correct inflation, it also gives operators the confidence to keep healthy tires installed for longer. Clear insight into the condition and wear of the tire means that tires aren’t changed as a precaution, but when necessary.

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Offsetting our impact

A new purpose-built HQ in Ireland has been designed to the highest sustainable standards and will generate enough green energy to offset the carbon footprint across all of our offices and operations worldwide when complete.

We are also currently exploring opportunities to tackle the problem of ocean microplastics generated by vehicle tires. Our goal is to not only raise awareness but to combat this issue through practical solutions.

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Curiosity, creativity and freedom to explore are a vital part of our TireCheck Team DNA. Our Teams are free to inquire, challenge the status quo and innovate. TireCheck cares about quality end results while ensuring an open, explorative process for the teams to get there. We believe this approach makes us an industry leader, trusted by the biggest automotive brands.

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Our people, their ideas, know-how and commitment to our core values are what make us unique.

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