Last Updated 24/06/22



Async Technologies Ltd. trading as TireCheck/TyreCheck, (referred to as we or us throughout this document) believe that online privacy is crucial for the ongoing success of the Internet as a service, commercial and entertainment medium, therefore, prioritizes customer trust. We are committed to protecting the privacy of all users of our websites, and those we host in our SAAS services, in a comprehensive and transparent manner. We are committed to protecting the data of our customers in accordance with our ISO 27001:2013 Information Security compliant processes.
Async Technologies recognizes the need for the appropriate protection and management of personally identifiable information that you provide us. We respect the importance of individual privacy and value the confidence of our customers, employees, job applicants and other visitors to this website. Please note that we do not collect any personal data from users of our website, other than those volunteered by the user himself. Note further that we do not use this data for marketing purposes, but to return queries regarding our products and services as requested by the user in the contact form or other contact mechanism.

Any information that a user volunteers to provide Async Technologies via our Contact or Enquiries pages, software, or other means, are treated with the highest standards of security and confidentiality in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1988, as amended by the Data Protection (Amendment) Act, 2003 and Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (the General Data Protection Regulation).

All personal data gathered and stored in our applications is for the sole purpose of enabling operations for authenticated users. Data is protected by practices and procedures governed by our Integrated Management System for Quality and Information Security (compliant with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001: 2013).


Our privacy policy extends to Async Technologies Ltd., TyreCheck/TireCheck and all our subsidiaries and associates. Websites covered by this privacy statement include our informational websites delivering marketing information on our registered domains, and all solutions websites hosted by us as part of a licensed service.

Note: Our websites do not contain links or references to third party websites outside of our control.

Policy Changes

This Privacy Policy is subject to change. Use of information that we gather may be subject to change from time to time, in accordance with current legislation. It shall be your responsibility to check our website frequently to see recent changes.

Websites and Privacy

Async Technologies and all of its trading companies (TyreCheck/TireCheck) recognize that trust and privacy of your data is important and as such endeavor to protect your data in accordance with all regulations and guidelines.
All pages on our marketing websites, including our Contact and Enquiries pages, are delivered only using encrypted protocols (HTTPS), securing your communication with us. When you visit one of our websites or that of any of our subsidiaries, we do not collect any personal data about you, unless you explicitly use our Contact or Enquiries form(s) to send us your details.
By using our Contact or Enquiries page, entering your contact information and volunteering to share your personal data with us, you are implicitly giving us your permission to make direct contact with you for legitimate business purposes. Your contact details are retained for the purposes of making contact in regards to your specific enquiry.
  • The request and contact information you send through the website contact page(s) are handled internally by creating a ticket for the support team or an enquiry for the sales team. These requests are handled by a trained team member who is aware of current data protection requirements.
  • We do not store this information for any subsequent marketing campaigns without your explicit consent.
  • We do not share or divulge any of your personal data to any third parties unless we are required to respond to legal requests from public authorities.
  • We are committed to taking all reasonable precautions to prevent the loss, misuse or alteration of information you give us.
  • If you have provided us with personal information and you would like a copy of that information, wish us to correct any factual inaccuracies in that information, or require that all personal information be deleted from our records, please contact our admin team. We will make all reasonable efforts to supply, correct and/or delete that information from our records within a 45 day time period unless we are legally required to retain this information.
  • Cookies are small pieces of text sent to your web browser by a website you visit. A cookie file is stored in your web browser and allows the Website or a third-party to recognize you and make your next visit to the Website (or the third-party’s site) easier and more useful.
    • When you use and/or access this Website, we may place a number of cookie files in your web browser. We use both session and persistent cookies on the Website and use different types of cookies to operate the Website as follows:
      • Necessary cookies. We use necessary cookies to facilitate your use of the Website. Without necessary cookies, you may not be able to properly or seamlessly access the Website. For example, we may use necessary cookies to enable you to move around the Website, use its features, and remember information that changes the way the Website behaves or looks. This includes remembering your privacy preferences in order to prevent you from having to select your privacy preference each time you visit a new page of the Website.
      • Functional cookies. We use functional cookies to support additional functionality that enhances the Website. For example, we may use functional cookies to allow you to share content of the Website on social media platforms and to remember your language preferences so that you do not need to select your language preference each time you visit a new page of the Website.
      • Analytics cookies. We use analytics cookies to track information on how you use and interact with the Website in order to help us improve the Website. For example, we may use analytics cookies to detect how many visitors access the Website and which pages of the Website they visit.
      • We do not use advertising or 3rd party cookies.

Our Commitment under Data Protection Principles

Async Technologies is committed to ensuring that all data gathered and stored by our company shall be compliant with the following rules in accordance with GDPR regulations and guidelines:

Rule 1: Fair obtaining:

  • At the time when we collect information about individuals (employees, customers or suppliers) outside the operational use of our products, they are made aware of the uses for that information through our Induction Training and detailed in the company handbook, or presentation of policies to customers/suppliers.
    • Currently TyreCheck does not collect non-operational data on customers or suppliers.
  • We do not disclose employee, customer or supplier personal data to any other third parties for any other purposes other than for the explicit purpose of providing the person with a benefit or service from the company, and with their consent. Employees are made aware of any disclosure for these purposes.
  • Our data-collection practices are open, transparent and up-front and in accordance with statutory  and other legal obligations.
  • TireCheck does not currently collect personal data from our web sites, or hosted applications for anything other than operational purposes.
  • Potential customer data is obtained only when the person or persons in question explicitly contacts us through one of our website contact pages or a phone call. We do not collect user information in a non-transparent way on our websites. All data is protected and limited internally, and not shared with 3rd parties.
  • Potential supplier or existing supplier contact data is held by Async Technologies / TireCheck when an explicit agreement for the supply of goods or services has been accepted.

Rule 2: Purpose specification

  • We keep personal data only for purposes that are specific, lawful and clearly stated to the individual.
  • We do not ask for or retain sensitive personal data.
  • Our internal HR team is responsible for employee data.
  • The commercial team has responsibility for potential and actual customer data. All team members are informed of policies in relation to the protection of personal data.
  • The Finance team and the Systems Manager has overall responsibility for personal data retained on customers, employees and suppliers.

Rule 3: Use and disclosure of information

  • Under circumstances laid out by GDPR, we will disclose requested personal data to law enforcement agencies without the consent of the data subject.
  • The Financial Controller, Systems Manager and CEO will ensure the request is legitimate, seeking assistance from the Board and from the company’s legal advisers where necessary.

Rule 4: Security

  • Data privacy and security is critical at Async Technologies / TireCheck. We have a number of storage security measures in place and these are detailed under our ISO document SO-01 – Information Security Policies and in our GDPR Privacy Policy.
  • All non-operational data is stored in secure locations and limited to responsible team members under our Access Control Policy.
  • Management teams review the above documents bi-annually and the security of all operational and customer data is treated under the provisions of our ISO 27001 compliant Information Security System.

Rule 5 & 6: Adequate, relevant and not excessive / Accuracy

  • We hold only adequate and relevant data which is applicable to our relationship with the data subject and legitimate for our business needs.
  • Our data records are as accurate as provided and they are maintained and updated on confirmation from our data subjects.

Rule 7: Data Retention

  • Financial records are kept for 7 years in accordance with Irish and EU Tax and Customs requirements.
  • Personal data of employees may form part of these records.
  • Physical records older than 3 years are retained off-site in a secure, alarmed space.
  • Records retained on-site are stored in locked containers accessible only by permitted team members.

Rule 8: The Right of Access

  • All individuals who are the subject of personal data held by us are entitled to:
    • Ask what information the company holds about them and why.
    • Ask how to gain access to their data.
    • Be informed how to keep their data up to date.
    • Be informed how the company is meeting its data protection obligations.
    • Contact the company requesting this information (ie. make a Subject Access Request).
    • A response from the HR Lead, responsible for handling access requests from employees.
  • The management team including Content & Projects Manager and Systems Manager are responsible for handling access requests from all other data subjects via
  • If we hold any of your personal information and you would like a copy of that information or you wish us to correct any factual inaccuracies in that information, or that all personal information be deleted from our records, please contact our data team on
  • We will make all reasonable efforts to supply, correct and/ or delete that information from our records within a 45 day time period.